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Jean-marc Doumenc
Doctor of Creative Arts (Writing)


English to French Translator

I am a French native who has been living in Australia since 1996.
I do free lance translating since 2003.

I have French and Australian citizenship.
I speak French, English and Spanish.
I have also held different positions, including primary teacher, librarian, writer and the general management and running of three small companies.

As a writer, I have been published for poetry and short stories in French, Belgian, Canadian and Australian magazines. Two of my novels have been published.

I am highly competent with the use of computers and programs (MS Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, different encoding/decoding sound and video programs).

I have two daughters.

3 Mirimar Street
Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD, 4122
Phone: (07) 3040 0069     Mob: 04 2117 6587



  1. Doctor of Creative Writing (PhD), University of Technology Sydney (Full Time APA Scholarship)
  2. Master in Creative Writing, Queensland University of Technology
  3. Diploma of Multimedia, Morningside TAFE and QANTM
  4. Degree in Multimedia, Université de Montpellier



From 2003 till now:

Translation English-French, French-English, ongoing main clients:

MyGengo, Japan (Senior Translator duties)

Gallery of Modern Arts (GoMA), Brisbane, Translation/subtitling, live subtitling of French or francophone movies.

Transnet Projects, Singapore


Other clients:

First Sound Entertainment, Canada. , Translation of educational DVDs.
Web-Translations, UK. , Translation of sport news articles.

Celer Pawlowsky S.L. / CPSL, Spain. , Data check for a Garmin smart phone/GPS about to be launched in Australia.

Marketing Mania Inc., United States.

Brisbane River Festival, Translation of scientific data (rivers systems).

University of Qld, Talk and weekly working group with professors at University of Queensland on History of European Culture by Prof. Donald Sassoon.   

Alliance Française Brisbane, Cycling the Tour Talk.

Australian Society of French Studies, University of Melbourne, Epitaphs Talk.

Griffith University Qld Conservatorium, Sessional Staff.


Executive officer and Webmaster at the Qld Academy of Arts and Sciences

2002 -2003: Administration tasks at Acacia Ridge Community Center.
French language tutoring, marking assessments for students of French (University of Qld).
Copy writing, internet researches at Briz 31 Community TV.

2001:  Media volunteer at World Veterans’ Athletics Championships, taking digital photographs and writing contributions for the Daily Newsletter, interviewing people and liaising with international media.

1993-96: “Les Noms”. I created this society specialised in the research of genealogical data.  Using a Minitel hooked up to the national  telecommunication network, and tailored software, I downloaded information from the national database of phone users. I sold this information to clients across Europe, the UK and Canada and exchanged information with a German company. I also designed and sold related products including pins and key rings.

1987-1992: With a friend, I created a literary society, ¨Art-Phare¨. It endeavoured  to discover and publish novels of French and francophone beginner writers.  The work involved editing, publishing, public speaking and communication with the media (radio, TV), writing a monthly newsletter, as well as meetings with all sectors of the publishing world. Some of the works of the more successful entrants have also been translated into other languages (Alina Reyes for «Le boucher» (The butcher), 18 languages).

1985-86: While working as a librarian in the Bordeaux University Library (Law Department and Department of Medicine) on the European Libraries electronic      network, I devised the INSERM Bordeaux (Medical Research Library) computer catalog using specific software.

1981-1984: Primary school teacher in Bordeaux and Fort de France (Martinique, Caribbean island), with six to ten year old children.



Kathryn Weir, Head of International Art and the Australian Cinémathèque at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

Mr. Hamish Bain, Consulting Economist; Hon Trustee and Counselor of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia ; Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; Former Chief Economist, Queensland Industry Development Corporation; Past State President Economics Society of Australia;

Dr John O'Hagan, Research Biochemist; Former Principal Research Scientist CSIRO; Former Research Fellow University of Queensland; Past President Royal Society of Queensland ; Creator and Past President of the Qld Academy of Arts and Sciences.



Professor Stephen Muecke, my PhD supervisor; UNSW, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Associate Professor Donna Lee Brien, my Master of Arts supervisor ; Head of School of School of Creative and Performing Arts, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton ; Past President of The Australian Association of Writing Programs.


Writing and Research History

2008  Epitaphs: Messages from beyond the grave. (A talk for the Australian Society of  French Studies conference in Melbourne).

Cycling the Tour (a presentation for the Alliance Française Brisbane).

2007    L’€

          I completed this Doctorate in Creative Writing by Research with University of Technology Sydney in September 2007. I was awarded a full time APA           scholarship for my project. My supervisor was Professor Stephen Muecke, UNSW, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

          My three examiners were:
Dr Michelle Royer, University of Sydney
Dr Stéfan Sinclair, McMaster University
Professor David Bellos, Princeton University

2004  Prior to the Doctorate I completed in 2004 a Master in Creative Writing by  Research with Queensland University of Technology, The place of a lifetime ;           My supervisor was Associate Professor Donna Lee Brien.

Visit to the Museum, short story published in Vanguard (University of Qld)

2003 The place of a lifetime, extracts published in Vanguard (University of Qld)

2001 Passé Antérieur, novel, published on the Internet by publishers  (type “doumenc” in their search engine)

1998 Open Letter to racist people, published in the French national daily Libération (25/05/1998)

1995   La voisine impudique, novel, Editions Média 1000, Paris (pen name: Pierre Lazuly).

Three months screenplay workshop (continuous training program, Sète Theatre).
Writing of short (Fata Morgana), and long feature (Passé Décomposé)

1992 One year multimedia conception degree (Paul Valéry University, Montpellier)
Scriptwriting  for  a multimedia CDRom , about the Gulfwar (Corom, Paris; French    
Defence Ministry).
Screenplay for a video documentary about a Montpellier’s district, Les Arceaux.

1991   Screenplay for a business video (Vitanova hotels, Aliénor Vidéo Productions,

1990   Crainte, short story published in XYZ magazine (Canada).
Le guide, short story published in Quipos magazine (Paris).
La passation, short story published in Magie Rouge magazine (Belgium).
La visite au musée, short story published in Poivre Noir magazine (France, Provence)

1989 La plage, poem published  in Signes de vie, annual anthology of  Terre profonde Publisher.
Copie conforme, short-story published in Poivre Noir magazine (France, Provence).
Crise d’identité, short-story published in Magie Rouge magazine (Belgium). 

1988  Drôles d’histoires, short stories published on an audio book, Art-phare Publishers.
Plaisir des mots, short story published in Poivre Noir magazine (France, Provence).
Review of La neige de Saint-Pierre, from Léo Pérutz, published in Quipos magazine (Paris) and the daily L’indépendant (Perpignan).
Solo, poem published in Signes de vie, annual anthology from Terre Profonde Publisher.

1987  La quête désordonnée, poem published in Froissart magazine (Valenciennes).

1987-92 Creation and management of Art-phare, literary society which target was detection of novice writers. The society had a great succes as we  discovered  Alina Reyes, for Le boucher. This female writer won our selection and after this was publish by Le Seuil, and translated in twenty languages. We also did help to publish Geneviève Ellaine for Le tranchant des lèvres, and a few others.